Travel tips


 - Fast-drying sports clothing; long and short sleeve cycling jerseys with practical rear pockets
 - Raingear, at least a light-weigh poncho and a windproof jacket
 - Extra thermal layers for cooler weather (according to the season)
 - Cycling gloves for a better grip of the handlebars
 - A helmet; the use is not mandatory but highly recommended
 - Cycling or sunglasses (protecting you from UV, insects and grit)
 - Two pairs of padded cycling shorts and/or tights. We can provide on request a gel saddle cover
 - Quick-dry socks for cycling
 - Comfortable shoes for biking and walking
 - Flip-flops and bathing suit
 - Quick-dry underwear
 - Casual clothing for non-cycling activities


 - In France, lunch is usually served between noon and 2 p.m.
 - As a general rule, in the countryside and smaller towns, shops are often closed at lunchtime
 - If you want to have a picnic, it is better to plan your shopping in advance.


 - In France, dinner is usually served between 7.30 p.m. and 10 p.m.

First aid kit

 - Don't forget to bring a basic first aid kit including plasters, disinfectants, second skin blister plasters, sterile compresses and painkillers
 - A repellent to protect yourself against insect bites
 - A high-protection sunscreen because the sun may be very hot in this region
 - A anti-chafing cream


We strongly recommend
 - A trip cancellation insurance (if you cancel your reservation after the deadline)
 - An accident insurance
 - An insurance in case of medical consultation or hospitalisation. Remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card

Cycling equipment and cyclist's visibility

 - In France, cyclists must ride on the right side of the road.
    - Mandatory equipment at all times, day and night:
    - Red rear reflector
    - Orange lateral reflectors
    - White front reflector
    - Pedal reflectors
 - Mandatory equipment only at night, or during the day when visibility is insufficient (tunnel, fog, ...)
    - Head light, yellow or white
    - Red rear light
    - High visibility vest when cycling outside urban areas
 - Bike bell
 - Wearing a bike helmet is not mandatory but highly recommended!